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2020 in IT: Current Trends and Threats

More sophisticated cyberattacks, virtual reality on available hardware and an ever-increasing number of IoT devices. What is trending in IT now and what can we expect from the new decade? Continue reading

The Ultimate Containerization Guide: Docker, Kubernetes and More

In this piece, we’ll delve into what containerization is, some key terms you’ll need to know, some of the top container platforms as Docker and Kubernetes and some recommended implementation approaches. Continue reading

Crypto news: a millionaire is building an utopian city run on Etherum

Nevada's desert is the place where one of the craziest cryptocurrency projects is taking place. Discover what is the plan of this man in love with Etherum. Continue reading

Technology and digital trends: what will we see in 2019?

An exciting year is coming regarding technology. Take a look at what you can expect in the IT sphere. Continue reading

5 cryptocurrency wallets to keep your digital coins safe

Looking for a place to save those bitcoins? Take a look at the best five cryptocurrency wallets on the market Continue reading

How to backup cloud servers? Find it out here

Discover the difference between a cloud server backup and a physical one and get to know which vendors can help you with it. Continue reading

Quantum computer might change the world in the next five years

Take a look at the most exciting technological race in the world: quantum supremacy or how a quantum computer will change the paradigm of computer science. Continue reading

The fastest computer in Europe will get a sizeable upgrade: 4500 new GPUs and faster CPUs to boot

The fastest European supercomputer will get a hardware gift. The Swiss supercomputer center CSCS will replace its GPUs and CPUs, almost doubling its performance. Continue reading

How to Build a Company Data Center: Part Three

Your data center is almost done. Both the building and the hardware are ready. But how do you breathe life into it all? Read the final part of a guide made by our resident experts to find out. Continue reading

How to Build a Company Data Center: Part Two

Setting up network in a new data center need not be overly complicated. Read our detailed guide to find out what are the things to watch out for. Continue reading

How does a CPU work? Look at transistors moving data in the first ever ARM processor

A new virtual model of an ARM1 CPU shows the way data moves in a working chip. Look at the inner workings of a predecessor of modern CPUs that dominate the mobile market. Continue reading

Are SSDs suitable for servers? A Comparison of Pros and Cons of SSD and HDD, part two

What type of storage should you use in servers? Good old mechanical HDDs or new flash-based SSD? Read the part two of our comparison to find out about their pros and cons. Continue reading

Are SSDs suitable for servers? A Comparison of Pros and Cons of SSD and HDD, part one

What storage tech should you choose for your server? SSD or HDD? Part one of our series that compares the two is focused on their inner workings, speed and capacity. Continue reading

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