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What is machine learning and where can it be applied?

The future is here: this is how machine learning is providing computers their own way of thinking. Continue reading

The fastest computer in Europe will get a sizeable upgrade: 4500 new GPUs and faster CPUs to boot

The fastest European supercomputer will get a hardware gift. The Swiss supercomputer center CSCS will replace its GPUs and CPUs, almost doubling its performance. Continue reading

Scientists created a new type of CPU that communicates using light instead of electrons

Scientists created a new CPU that uses light instead of electricity for its IO operations. The throughput density of the chip is up to fifty times greater than that of current processors – and it saves energy as well. Continue reading

How does a CPU work? Look at transistors moving data in the first ever ARM processor

A new virtual model of an ARM1 CPU shows the way data moves in a working chip. Look at the inner workings of a predecessor of modern CPUs that dominate the mobile market. Continue reading

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