You have an idea for a mobile application in your head? Thanks to the Master Internet incubator you can breathe life into it. A leader in providing cloud-based and data center services, Master Internet has allocated five million crowns for the development and promotion of the best mobile application. Moreover, the winner of the competition for the most innovative mobile application will receive one hundred thousand crowns in cash.

For their incubator, Master Internet is seeking fresh ideas for applications intended for distribution to corporate customers as well as to the general public. The competition for an idea for a mobile, cloud-based application is open to virtually anyone until the end of November. All you need is to have a clear idea of an innovative mobile application for iOS or Android in your head. Master's Software Division will then help you put it on the market, willing to invest up to five million crowns into the winning idea. Ideas will be evaluated from the viewpoint of their usability, technical implementation and profitability. The competition is only open to authors whose projects have not been put into practice yet. You can download the complete text of the contest rules in the PDF format here.

How to Win?

  • I have an idea for a mobile application for smart phones or tablets in my head
  • I know the target group for the intended application and the problem the users are dealing with
  • I can explain what makes the application so special
  • I will register by 25 November at soutez@master.cz
  • I will wait and perhaps receive an invitation to present the application in person
  • If am the best, I will receive 100 thousand crowns in cash and up to 5 million crowns for the development and a 30% share of the annual profit

You do not have an idea but would still like to be at the origination of top-class mobile applications for global market? Master Internet's Software Division is currently expanding their team of mobile application developers and programmers again. For more information about the available position see www.masterdc.com/careers/.

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